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Coping with the emotional toll of bankruptcy in Connecticut

There are several strategies those who intend to file bankruptcy should use to help them process the emotions they experience throughout this process.

Bankruptcy is a legal process designed to help people get rid of debt or formulate a plan to repay debt over time. Regardless of if debtors file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to help them manage their debts, they may still have trouble coping emotionally with this process, even if it is the right step for their financial situations.

Accept different emotions

Those facing bankruptcy may feel a variety of emotions, from anger and confusion to shame. Debtors should keep in mind that before they can start processing their emotions, they have to permit themselves to feel them. During the bankruptcy process, many debtors often feel that they need to bury these negative emotions, so they can continue moving forward. Those in the midst of bankruptcy should not make this same mistake, so they can fully move forward financially and emotionally.

Reverse the bankruptcy viewpoint

Many people view bankruptcy as a shameful process that indicates they failed at something in their life. However, those filing should remember that bankruptcy is designed to help debtors establish a fresh financial start. Those considering filing or who have plans to file should also remember that the need to file bankruptcy can occur for a variety of reasons, from the development of a medical condition and job loss to divorce and more.

Move towards acceptance

Those who have plans to file bankruptcy should keep in mind that while they should process their negative feelings as they move forward, the end goal should be acceptance. Filers should also remember that just because they need to accept these feelings, does not mean they need to feel angry, upset or sad on an ongoing basis. Moving towards acceptance simply means processing feelings to the point where they can be positively acted upon.

Rely on others

Since filing bankruptcy can be an emotional process, debtors should seek out someone to talk to about what they are going through. In some cases, a family or friend can provide much-needed support while in others, filers may find that seeking professional help is the best option. Whoever filers choose, they should be someone they feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings with.

Those who intend to file bankruptcy in Connecticut should also seek out legal assistance from an attorney who understands the emotional toll of the burden of debt and of using the bankruptcy process to relief that burden. In this situation, debtors should contact an attorney in their area who can help them determine if bankruptcy is the right move and assist them through the process.